It is the mission of DracoSoftware to:
- Provide the highest quality software consistent with the customer's business needs.
- Provide free educational materials that provide instruction on programming, demonstrate software development technique , and further software design best-practices.
- Enable as many people as possible, regardless of socioeconomic status, to participate in the practice and culture of software development by championing and demonstrating the use of free or open source development tools.

About our video content

Video content is provided for the continued education of our viewers. It's available at no cost, and has no barriers to entry (such as requiring registration). There are currently over 40 videos, which provide 40+ hours of content. New videos are added weekly. Please see the Education page for details.

About the owner

Blake Schreurs has forfeited the original DracoSoftware, LLC as of 10/2/2009. DracoSoftware has been re-formed under the management of Lindsay Keipper, who is the sole proprietor.

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